Since the start of the COVID pandemic, mental health has gotten worse, and it's taken a toll on therapists. They're overwhelmed and overbooked, which means they don't get the rest they so desperately need. This leads to anxiety, stress, and burnout.

They're working hard for us; it's time we return the favor.

Here's how this works: when you order from us, you get two free weeks of therapy through BetterHelp. If you continue your membership with them after the trial, BetterHelp pays us $150. We put every penny of that into the Make A Therapist's Day Fund, and every quarter, we select a mental health professional and fulfill one of their lifelong dreams.

Nominate A Mental Health Professional
  • What dreams do you fulfill?

    Anything they want! We could send them on a vacation, pay off their student loans, or redecorate their office. If it's important to them, it's important to us.

  • Who do you fulfill dreams for?

    We support any mental health professional, from research psychologists to psychiatric nurses and from licensed therapists to mobile crisis unit volunteers.

  • How do you select your dream recipient?

    Every quarter, our team gets together and reviews the nominations and applications. Based on the amount in the Fund and the cost of their dream, we'll select our recipient(s)!

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We'll fulfill our first dream on August 1.

Nominate a mental health professional who deserves an extra something special, and we'll consider them for our first round of distribution for the Make A Therapist's Day Fund.

Nominate A Mental Health Professional